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Talon Veteran Services, Inc. is a proven performer when it comes to working in, and around Hospitals, Clinics and Healthcare Provider Services for the United States Government.

We have performed over 30 million in past performance in many aspects of healthcare renovations and construction. To give you an idea of the complexity of the work we have performed, Talon has replaced and added significant chiller capacity to one of the Veteran Administrations Largest Hospitals out of their over 200 plus hospitals. This included design build work with our mechanical in installing over 2000 linear feet of 14” pipe throughout the hospital with virtually no up to date plans. Our team, working with hospital engineering worked collaboratively to offer several solutions to allow the VA to add this significant upgrade for the benefit of the Veterans.

Another complex project Talon Veteran Services, Inc. is involved in is adding a 15-bed expansion of an Intensive Care Unit for the hospital doubling its ICU capability. This too required collaboration as TVS was required to build this large structure on top of another building that housed offices for operating room personnel.

Our CPARS have been very good and we continue to not only grow in this sector with the government but have designated the complex major/minors a core competency of Talon that allows us to perform any type of work, in any part of a Federal Hospital anywhere regardless of the size.

Moreover, Talon has the required certifications and tested protocols to operate safely and efficiently in a hospital environment that as everyone knows requires a much higher degree of attention to detail, working in negative pressure environments at the same time working in and around patients and staff.

Talon is very proud to have developed this unique skill in working in Government Healthcare Construction and with over thirty million in past performance and our past performance in complexity gives Talon Veteran Services, Inc. an advantage when it comes to working in any government healthcare environment because there is not replacement for experience and no margin for error.