Talon Veteran Services, Inc.'s capabilities in facilities management and facilities services are targeted in the Federal Healthcare Space. Since 2009, Talon has worked in the Federal Healthcare space assisting the Federal Government manage and renovate many of its Veteran Administration Healthcare facilities. This includes winning bids from small remodels and renovations of patient rooms, patient care facilities, hospital operating rooms to installing roofs of different kinds on both new and old buildings providing healthcare services.

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we have learned from our experience in working with the Veterans Administration on IFB, IDIQ and MATOC procurement vehicles what it takes to keep a healthcare facility running. Either a hospital, an outpatient facility, a clinic or administrative building to enhancing parking we have obtained the necessary experience over the years with continuous training for our personnel to become a partner with the Federal Government in assisting it in maintaining its facilities. Our past performance speaks for itself. Since Talon’s inception in 2009, we have always been focused on healthcare construction and facilities maintenance services (CFM) to the Federal Government.

We know the insides and out Healthcare Construction and Facilities Maintenance for the Federal Government and what it takes to work inside an active hospital and the rules and regulations that govern this type of work which are constantly changing. We have worked inside of operating room environments and at the highest levels where only experience, knowledge constant, continuous training in Healthcare Construction Facilities Maintenance (CFM) of work can carry the day.

Talon Veteran Services, Inc. has gained the necessary skills needed over time and through experience in this field to partner with the Federal Government in assisting it in making its healthcare facilities become state of the art. Talon does this by using state of the art means and methods that can’t be obtained from anything more than experience and constant, continuous training to stay on top of all of the regulations we are required to follow in healthcare construction and the rigid protocols that need to be followed at all times.

It is the experience of our people and the training and investment in this sector of our business that make Talon a partner of choice when it comes to trusting a company to ensure that all rules and regulations regarding this specialized type of work are understood and followed properly to ensure that not only the facilities are improved but we do it in a way that doesn’t distract and or impede the ability to provide quality healthcare at the same time allowing patients, healthcare providers, administrators and all employees of a facility to carry out the duties of taking care of their number one priority: Patients. Healthcare Facilities Maintenance is a niche for Talon and we pride ourselves on our record and past performance to speak for itself. If the government wants a CFM contractor that has a proven track record, with proven and experienced personnel that have the expertise and credentials to work in such a restricted environment as a healthcare than look no farther than Talon Veteran Services, Inc.

Our concept is simple and we live by these words: Vision, Leadership and Integrity; Safety First. Talon Veteran Services, Inc. your partner of choice in Construction Facilities Maintenance Services to the Federal Government for Healthcare and to the people of the United States of America.