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Talon Veteran Services offers complete design and construction services. As a design build company, the architectural and engineering staff at Talon is always keeping up-to-date with the newest and most efficient techniques, especially for energy efficiency. We also have extensive experience working with older facilities and understand the challenges associated with that.

Throughout the process, we will set up a regular schedule of progress meeting to allow for open and candid discussion about the job. This culture of collaboration, communication and teamwork has helped us exceed our clients’ expectations time and time again.


Vision, Integrity and Leadership are our core beliefs in serving clients

  • Identifying, selecting, managing and implementing best practices regarding risk management to mitigate potential loss exposures with focus on Operational Risks, Strategic Risks, Financial Risks and Hazard Risk
  • Improved return-to-work programs that encompass all aspects of claims management; medical providers, claimants and the employer
  • Improved claim processes and rehabilitative care to greatly reduce the overall cost of medical and indemnity claims
  • Work with Third Party Administrators to ensure that all areas of claim management and rehabilitative care are at maximum efficiencies in delivering the most effective service and care
  • Development and design additional pilot project to establish a beta site to measure improvements of rehabilitative care, and validate improvement in efficiencies of return-to-work, potentially saving the government millions in rehabilitative cost