488119 - Airport Operations

493110 - Warehousing/ Storage

561110 - Administrative Mgmt.

561210 - On-site Staffing

561730 - Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping


Through our aviation services, Talon Veteran Services has become a turn-key partner to the U.S. government for installation support and service. Our experience is derived from hands-on experience in administering contracts for existing military and Veterans Administrations facilities. Talon Veteran Services was the first contractor within the Defense Logistics Agency Energy to operate the Jet Propellant 8, Diesel and LOX bulk storage facilities and then deliver it the flight line in an integrated process, refueling all Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Army aircraft.

Our core support services consist of airport operations, grounds and facilities maintenance, fuel maintenance, fixed base operations and other general support services involving the flight line. Additional services include:

-          Supply depot / Fuels management operations

-          Airfield management services

-          Government staff support

-          Tenant support

-          Financial and payroll services

-          Property in possession of contractor

-          Warehousing and distribution

-          Transportation / Traffic management services

-          Maintenance

-          Landscape / Mowing services

-          Pest management

-          Refuse collection and disposal services

-          Custodial / Janitorial services

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